02 February 2011

Wednesday, I am grateful...

... for gentlemen and feeling like a lady. Yes, it sounds silly.

In this day and age, women are taught to be strong and independent. And I support this idea, wholeheartedly. Yet, I cannot help appreciate men who will open the door for me or let me pass through the subway turnstile before them. I can certainly open my own doors and go through turnstiles whenever I damn well please ... ha ha ... but I like it. It makes me smile when a man politely nods while opening the door for me. It adds to the feeling of femininity when a man smiles gently and gestures for me to walk through first. Call me weak or what you may, I like it.

I think, sometimes, connections are lost in a big city. Coming from a small town, you do notice the difference. People are in a rush, strangers you see daily won't bother to say hello, and we're all in our own worlds in one big world. It's a shame. It may sound equally as silly but a smile from a stranger could make a difference in somebody's day. So, to the men of Montreal who have recently opened the door for me and were polite gentlemen - thank you! :)

By the way, the photograph above is of a very good friend of mine and a stranger who was helping her figure out a parking meter. He was a very friendly, fatherly chap and I couldn't help but smile at his helpfulness.

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