01 February 2011

Tuesday, I am grateful...

... for days that feel sunny and bright even on the gloomiest and grayest of winter days.

Today feels like a good day to begin again. The last few months have been rough, both physically and mentally. My body managed to heal itself and left me with the rest to work through. Healing a heart is a much lengthier, more precise process. I am still traveling through it, trying to keep my chin up as time guides me gently.

Speaking of my health, the many doctors I saw over many weeks could not find the answer to my problem. They ruled out all the "bad stuff" and were very thorough - many thanks go to the Montreal General Hospital. Not only are they thorough but the staff is delicious eye candy! See, I can look on the bright side of being in physical pain and illness. *wink* My best guess, as well as my family doctor, is that it was my thyroid. The moment I switched dosages; the pain, inflammation, and edema in my joints went away. I kindly suggest any reader with hypo/hyperthyroidism to monitor your thyroid regularly.

I am also very grateful for all the office silliness that ensued today. Some days, it just feels too good to laugh!

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