03 February 2011

Thursday, I am grateful...

... for taking care of the business of pain.

I have dealt with lower back pain for far too long. It's not daily - I am very thankful for that - but when it does strike, it strikes something fierce. At it's worst, it is around ovulation. The joys of being a woman!

I saw an osteopath today. Some people may not trust it or find it a valid form of treatment but as long as no one is cracking my neck or prescribing me heavy-duty painkillers - I thought I would give it a go. It was relaxing, interesting, relieving, and a bit painful. Some aspects of osteopathy I do question but, over all, I left pleased and will return. It was amazing just to feel tension worked away from my back, neck, and legs. I've never even had a professional massage before this was a treat (and covered by insurance!).

Time for stretches!

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