05 October 2010

Tuesday, I am grateful...

... for being able to go home for Christmas.

I found out today that I am able to go home for the holidays, under a few conditions. Of course, it won't really be "time off" from work as I still have to work but I will be at home. I look forward forward to smelling crisp winter air, endless sleepy skies, and old faces that I long to see. I am very appreciative that my bosses were so willing to work with me on this subject. I wish I could thank them in person (they are based in the US).

I am also very excited to meet the twins my friend is about to have. I have known her since we were both three years old and it means so much to meet her new little ones. I wish her luck - soon she will have a total of five girls (two are teenagers) and one bewildered husband in her house!

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