04 October 2010

Monday, I am grateful...

... for a boy I used to know once upon a time, on his birthday.

Every now and then, we unexpectedly cross paths with brilliant minds and old souls that can change our lives. Wes was one of those spirits.

As I age, I find it difficult to believe in destiny and soul mates and fate. I still believe in connection, in learning. When I saw Wes's face in that crowd of people, our eyes met with wonder and curiosity of each other. I said to myself, there you are - don't turn away. He didn't. His smile was bright as the moon above us and I reached out as the crowd pulled and pushed us. I took his strange hand and we found a quiet place. It may sound average to you but there was something very magical about this moment - it felt so powerful as though we knew each other, that we meant to be at this very exact moment at this very exact time in this very exact place. It was a beautiful moment that I will always cherish. There were so many strange coincidences with Wes and me.

He, of course, was a traveler from out of town who happened to be in that crowd of people. Long story short - we became friends, we madly wrote each other letters (above is one of his), we fell in love despite our differences, and then our learning was over (not counting the very long lesson of heartache).

I learned so much from Wes about myself and about love (though it will always be a work in progress!). Though I no longer love him in that way, he will be someone who I will always feel love for and will be in my heart forever. I hope wherever he is that he is loved and that life is good. Happy birthday, Wes.

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