01 October 2010

Friday, I am grateful...

... for the end to the rain and some much needed sun.

Hi. I'm back. I hope I still have a reader or two! I decided to start this blog again. I've tinkered around with settings and backgrounds. I've come to the conclusion that I, indeed, am not "web savvy"! With that being said, I could have tried things out over and over until another month passed us. That is how I procrastinate. So, for now, take it or leave it (I could have made such a terrible pun there!).

I am in need of a reminder to be grateful. I need a push in the right direction. I don't need to go into detail but parts of my life need some order, some direction, some answers. There have been too many bad days instead of good. I want to fix that. I need to fix that. Be prepared - this may be a journey!

Have a good weekend, my reader(s).


JANE said...

Welcome back! I'm still here, waiting to see your lovely posts turn up in Google Reader. I really love the ethos behind your blog - I'm looking to you for inspiration in far-off Australia. There, you have a fan in Australia - that's something to be grateful for! J x

TS Hendrik said...

I think the layout looks nice. Love the picture. Simple and makes me wish there was a real fall to be had here.

Me said...

Thank you, Jane! Glad to have a lovely fan from lovely Australia! I am grateful for that :)

And thank you, TS. :)

I have to get my blog links in order and add both of your blogs. I find it so difficult to want to be in front of a computer after being on a computer at work all day!