29 August 2010

Coming Soon!

Hello everybody!
I'm trying my best to "re-vamp" my blog. New posts, new photos, and new things to be grateful for are coming soon.

I've used Blogger's new templates. What do you think of it? If it's nauseating to look at for too long, let me know!

Much love,


JANE said...

It is so tricky getting it right, isn't it? I must say the swirliness of the print is a little distracting and makes it harder to read the writing. Best of luck with it!

Me said...


What do you think of this layout? I got to the point where I wanted to smash something. I envision something so pretty and light ... but I can't get it right!


JANE said...

Hi Linda For what it's worth, I always think white backgrounds with a dark font (either black or navy blue) are the easiest to read (as opposed to dark backgrounds with white writing). Maybe you might get the lightness you're looking for.

A blog I like for the lightness of its format is http://emma-burgess.blogspot.com - have a look and see what you think. There's a link to the woman who designed her blog, Katrina Chambers, if you want some professional help. Good luck! J x

Me said...

Hi Jane!

You're completely right. I think it looks sharp but when I read my blog, I feel a little dizzy after! Ha ha. I will have to change that when I have some time to tinker around some more.

I will check out that link, too. Thank you! :)