30 March 2010

Tuesday, I am grateful...

... for friendly neighborhood cats. Though, it makes me sad to know she might not have a home -people show some responsibility and spay/neuter your cats before abandoning them or take 'em to a shelter! - she is a gentle soul. I think she's a she. I can tell she is special. Unfortunately, I cannot have a cat as my partner is allergic so I always enjoy the time I have with neighborhood kitties. It's calming and peaceful to be in the company of cats.


Roshan said...

Wonderful shot. How did you get her to pose for you like that?

Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm also thankful for the neighborhood cats, since I can't have one due to my husband also!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting shot!!!

Me said...

Roshan - Thank you! This neighborhood stray is just a sweetheart. She loves attention. I think the streets have toughened her up a bit, she's a little more cautious and dirty now. I wish I could take her in.

Melissa Caroline -
Maybe we should make our partners sleep on the porch? :P

QSmith - Thank you! :)