27 March 2010

Saturday, I am grateful...

... for the good kind of daily routine. You know, like a hot cup of dark roast coffee. Reading the newspaper, getting the ink on your fingers. Curling up with a good book in bed. An affectionate dog in the morning (and all day long, really) who does "headstands". I don't really understand why he does this but he'll press the top of his head to the floor (you can provoke him by scratching the back of his neck but he'll do it on his own). Once his head is pressed to the floor, he'll try to gently nibble on whatever's in the way (fingers, pant legs, duvet).

Ah, I love my dog. He's the best part of my routine.


Roshan said...

Hahaha. He's a joker. Maybe your floor is cool and he's just trying to keep a cool head. He's a lovely dog. Give him a big hug from me.

Me said...

Thank you, Roshan. He is a jolly dog, always making us laugh somehow. I will give him a big hug for you! :)