01 March 2010

Monday, I am grateful...

... for animals who finally find a safe and happy "forever home".

My parents lost their cat Tiki back in the autumn. You may remember her as I have posted many photographs of her on here before - she was the black and white cat. It was quite difficult losing Tiki as she was young and seemingly healthy. But, she had cancer and there was not much you could do. It took a while - shorter than I expected, quite honestly - for my parents to warm up to the idea of getting another cat. Over a week ago, they saw this orange and white cat in the local pet shop (they house cats from overpopulated shelters). He stood out because of his lack of tail - turns out, he's a Japanese Bobtail. My parents liked his personality and decided to give him his "forever home". He proved to be a bit of a terror during his first night but he's calm now and they get a kick out of him. My dad named him Yoshi. I can't wait to meet that Yoshi Cat!

I'm grateful for all the people out there who take in animals and provide them with a safe and loving home. There are one too many horror stories about animal abuse -like my own dog's story- and I am always so grateful that he came into our lives and no longer has to live that kind of life. Kudos to all those people out there who adopt, who have patience for those animals that are troubled from their past, and who love their animals unconditionally.

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