25 February 2010

Wednesday, I am grateful...

... for big fluffy snowflakes and the warmth of passing conversation between strangers.

I couldn't exactly snap a photograph of the latter. I had some blood work done in the morning - I never do very well with fasting and blood work. The nurse who comes to my clinic to take blood samples - she's such a sweetheart. Though I see her once or twice a year at most, talking with her is always nice. I find that, here in Quebec, my sense of humor flies over everyone's head (or else I'm just not funny to the French!). She gets it. This time, she seemed frustrated and she vented to me - no, I don't find it unprofessional as we all need to vent. I encouraged her and we had a laugh ... and, for some reason, I left feeling very grateful for this little conversation we had together.

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