17 February 2010

Wednesday, I am grateful...

... for going out on the town; people watching and window shopping and walking around!

On the second day of my sister's visit, I ended up getting called into doing an afternoon of work for my former boss. I couldn't say no - money has been so tight that I needed this job. So, I worked for a while. After that, we got prettied up and went out on the town. Well, it was more like watch my sister go on a shopping spree - it was still fun, nonetheless! Afterward, we went to a cafe to hang out and laugh at things.

Truth be told, I'm not into shopping and neither is my sister. It was nice to have her company in those annoying shops and I think the feeling was mutual! It's been a while since I've had female company to go shopping with, to sit in a cafe with.

As well, I am grateful for having a good family doctor. I saw mine today and I can't help but mention how great she is.

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