03 February 2010

Wednesday, I am grateful...

... for hot baths that soothe achy bodies.

The other day, I read a comment on my friend's Facebook page, written by a woman. She wrote that she thinks PMS is "just an excuse to be bitchy" and she doesn't think it exists. My face immediately began to twitch and I may or may not have breathed fire at my laptop. Tell that to my extremely achy back and hips and various other body parts, lady! Oh, it does exist, I claim as I shove copious amounts of homemade cookies into my mouth.

Ha ha. Okay, I didn't breathe fire and I just ate a *few* cookies. But my back and hips are so achy. Thank goodness for hot baths and stretching and Advil!

PS) Hope this photo does not bring out all the foot fetish weirdos out of the woodwork!

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