04 February 2010

Thursday, I am grateful ...

... for knowing that life is precious. You take less things for granted when you take a step back and acknowledge all the good things you are blessed with - happiness, health, comfort, good people. Et cetera.

January was a tough month for a lot of people I know back home. I wish I could have been there for those that I loved but I support them from a far. In a way, maybe it's selfish of me - I don't know, but it made me realize that life is precious.

Too many people spend their time getting caught up in such insignificant dramas, especially online. I find myself becoming irritated with how shallow people can be, how catty they seem, and I wonder how they can't get understand that there comes an age where you leave junior high mentality behind. This is why I cannot stand to be on internet forums, this is why I block people on social networking sites. Sometimes, I feel like taking people by the shoulders and shaking them - ask them how old they are, ask them why they are wasting their energy on being backstabbing so passive aggressively online, ask them what are you grateful for? Ah, I know ... I shouldn't be irritated. Sometimes, however, I think some people really need to wake up and open their eyes to take in all the good stuff around them instead of focusing on the negative. And this is coming from someone who has very dark and negative moments herself, ha ha.

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