28 February 2010

Sunday, I am grateful...

... for having some comic relief with my dog. My back is hurting something fierce today (my doctor thinks it's the sciatic nerve) and I haven't slept much - hurting and trying not to be grouchy. The only relief, it seems, is laughter and hot baths. Times like this I wish I had a hot tub because I seriously would not get out of it! Anyway, I have laughter and an extra cute dog. You can't tell by this photo but he really does enjoy being dried off - even when it's not rainy or snowy outside. Usually, he breaks out into a huge dogsmile when I towel off his head. Of course, the camera is out and he looks like I am humiliating him! This is what his Grandmother from "the old country" would look like - Baba Toshio! :)

Sorry, no Sunday Stealing meme today. It's questions regarding Disney and that's simply not my thing. Next week!

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