19 February 2010

Friday, I am grateful ...

... for enjoying a quiet dinner, even though the service at this particular restaurant was less than ideal.

On the fourth day of my sister's visit, we did a few last minute shopping. We ate at a restaurant where we got the worst possible service (let alone, worst possible paper place mat - how unappetizing is that?!) but made the most of it. We headed home earlier so she could get packed up and we could enjoy some quiet time with us and the dog. I made her my chili for and the most awesome cookies for her to take home. Sigh!

On a side note, I am also grateful that my parents adopted a cat in need today. I know they still miss Tiki - she was a great cat, one of a kind. I haven't seen this cat yet. All I know - it's a 2 year old unwanted Japanese Bobtail, male, and I've suggested they name him Sushi. It will be nice to go home to visit and be around a cat again.

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