10 January 2010

Sunday, I am grateful...

... for having a lovely holiday with my family and old friends.

I apologize for being a stranger. I went away for Christmas holidays, armed with my camera and laptop so I could keep posting throughout the holidays. For some unexplainable reason, my laptop did not work in my parents house so I didn't have any internet access. I decided to stay a little longer back home and it was truly good for my head. I was so grateful to have that extra time with my parents, with my sister, with old friends. Nothing felt rushed, nothing was stressful. It was just joyful.

I've decided "real life" begins tomorrow which means fun things like fixing up my CV, looking for work, and booking a root canal I cannot truly afford. FUN!

I wish you all a Happy 2010, full of simple and wonderful things to be grateful for!

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