17 November 2009

Tuesday, I am grateful...

... for having one of those days where everything feels so very good inside!

I've been listening to Of Montreal lately. In particular, the song "Gallery Piece". I think it's become my new favorite song for the moment. It makes me want to go dancing in my new shoes, it makes me want to do something crazy with my hair, it makes me want to make eyes with beautiful strangers across a sweaty dance floor.

I'm completely distracted by everything I should be doing but I feel joyful inside. I took a slow walk today. I did the grocery shopping while taking my time, daydreaming and smiling the whole time. I went into a boutique that I always wanted to go into but didn't, for some odd reason, and was greeted with Leonard Cohen playing softly in the background. The photograph above is of the window of the boutique - Boutique La Gaillarde. I will definitely go back - so many wonderful things at a decent price too.

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