24 November 2009

Monday, I am grateful...

... for my old dentist, Dr. Lambert.

As I was catching up on posts in my gratitude blog, the nightly news played in the background. It was later in the newscast and they were talking sports, something that does not interest me very much. Then I heard, my recently retired dentist passed away. He was quite the local football star back in the day but became a dentist after an injury. Truth be told, I have never been fond of dentists but Dr. Willie put me at ease. His office was adorned in sports memorabilia instead of those threatening dental hygiene posters. The girls that worked alongside him were friendly and warm. His office made me look forward to his visits and, boy, he was an honest dentist - which I always felt it was rare to find. I'm saddened to hear of his passing, so soon after his retirement. Thank you, Dr. Lambert. You were a lovely dentist.

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