13 November 2009

Friday, I am grateful...

... for escaping from all my little worries by indulging in wonderful bath products.

Here's my story. I'm a little broke. Well, a lot broke. My goal of being funded for school fell through. I wonder how I will pay my bills or find a job for one month. I hope this financial situation of mine will not mess up my plans on going home for the holidays. Sheepishly, I know I am avoiding so many things because I am frozen with stress.

However, I know this is one of the many challenges that life throws in our path. All I can do is face it and try to remain positive. De-stress. Breathe. I took a long, hot bath and felt like I was in another world, a calmer one. It soothed me and I can't help but be grateful for that.

My wonderful friend has her own shop of handmade bath and body products. In my photograph today, her Raspberry Cream soap. Her line of products are amazing and, since discovering them, I don't use anything but her products. Her shop is called Mooka and you can find her at her website MOOKA or on ETSY. Trust me, it's simply delightful!

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