13 August 2008

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for my absolutely delightful dog Toshio, who makes me laugh even when I am feeling under the weather.

This would have been a more appropriate picture for Friday's cheesecake post. I took this photo right after it arrived, as Toshio was licking his chops under the (very messy) table.

Toshio is such a strange dog but he makes me laugh. He's become fond of the mailman and other such delivery people (unless I am home alone as he gets overprotective of me and shows his scary bark). When the mailman or courier is dropping off a package, he gets excited and yips at the door. The mailman recognizes him now and breaks the news to him, "it's not for you, Fido", in a rough French accent and a laugh. He'll poke his nose at the box until you open it. He'll sit like an angel, expecting there to be treats or toys for him in the package. My mom's gift packages usually contain something of that nature for her furry grandchild. Somehow, he got the idea in his head that every package must contain a toy and a treat. It must!

Needless to say, he totally thought the cheesecake was for him!


Brenda said...

I've decided that I HAVE to write a gratitude post soon. The last several days I've had a fear mentality and I need to switch over to abundance thinking. You do such a wonderful job of that and are a true inspiration! (By the way, I finally got around to adding you to my blogroll. It was MUCH overdue!)

Francis Bell said...

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