06 August 2008

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for having my sister visit me back in May.

One of the highlights of my spring/summer was my sister coming to see me. I have yet to upload all of our photos. Here is one of me during our visit to the fantastic botanical gardens in Montreal, in the gorgeous Chinese garden.

I had a blast with her, despite having moments of anxiety. The great thing about my sister is that she completely understood my anxiety and knew how to deal with it - by laughing it off, my being sensitive about it, and by making me realize that things aren't that bad. We had an amazing time together. We did the touristy sight seeing thing, we spent quality time with my dog, and we spent many late nights just giggling about nothing. It was wonderful.


Brenda said...

I have two sisters and I am very grateful for both! I'm not sure how far away your sister lives, but I'm guessing it's some distance. Both my sisters live in state (one across town), but your post made think that for as close as we all live, we need to get together more! As you indicate, sisters understand when other wouldn't!

Me said...

Hi Brenda!
Ah, my sister lives about a two and a half hour plane trip away from me. Thank goodness for her Blackberry - now I can annoy her like the little sister I am with funny comments only we understand (while she holds back the giggles at work!). Get together with your sisters! :) And laugh! Sometimes that's the best thing in the world!