19 August 2008

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for going home for a little holiday.

I miss my family and old friends. I miss seeing the stars at night and the occasional northern lights. I miss the sunsets of the prairies and how the sky and land makes me feel free.

I hate leaving my dog. I know he is in good hands but I still don't like being apart from him. It makes me terribly sad. Toshio has certainly made Montreal feel much more like HOME.

I probably won't have the time or internet connection to post gratitude entries. Unless my parents' neighbors have their wireless not very secure or I make my way to the library. We shall see. Don't be alarmed if there are no posts! It just means that I'm having a lovely time and don't want to spend it in front of a computer!


Brett said...

lovely shot

Anonymous said...

...hope you have a great trip. I look forward to meeting you and seeing Z. next month!

All the best. V.

Britt Bravo said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you were one of 5 blogs that I recommended to my readers for Blog Day on my blog, Have Fun * Do Good

Marie said...

Hi, Linda,
It's been so long since I stopped by here and left a message.
We have a clear and beautiful autumn sky here in Seoul today and I just simply thought of you. :)
How are you doing? Are you still on your vacation? I hope you are well wherever you are. Peace.


diverter valve said...

i love your images. sure thing you can make the most out of your camera.

post more pics and you have a great blog.


Jason C. said...

After moving away, its always so nice to go back home. Its been 4 years since I have been home. Thanks for your inspiring and positive posts!

Me said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments, guys. I apologize for my lack of posting these days. I have a new post and look forward to regularly posting again. :)