05 August 2008

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for my father. Happy birthday, Dad! And happy birthday to my father-in-law as well! I am grateful for how welcome the in-laws have made me feel in this city.

I know, I have been a stranger. There are various reasons to explain my disappearing act. Today feels like the perfect day to come back to this blog. I have been ridiculously sleep deprived this last month or so and it's catching up to me. I woke up feeling angry and frustrated. I will turn to this blog again to open my eyes to everything good around me. I think I need that in my life right now.

The reasons for my absence is fairly simple. This year has been on the difficult side. A lot of things happened all at once earlier this year and the outcome was terrible anxiety. It was a lot of work drama (not involving myself), it was my grandmother being ill and then passing away, it was my dog getting attacked by another dog. It doesn't sound like much but anxiety crept up on me during this. There came a point where I felt extremely nervous and shaky to leave my house and I made excuses not to go out. These last few months have been all about improving myself - understanding anxiety, talking to a professional about it, bettering myself in various ways (still a work in progress!), and decompressing. I feel a lot better as far as anxiety goes. The one thing that needs to be fixed is this lack of sleep I have been experiencing. This neighborhood has been awfully noisy this summer and the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. I have been thinking about creating a new blog, all about my adventures in anxiety. I'm not sure if it would be interesting to anyone but myself though.

I'm glad to be back here and hopefully I still have some readers left. I missed you!

I will warn you, some of my photos may be recycled. We finally set up my laptop. I have tons of photos to upload but I have to burn a bunch of photos off of my partner's computer before uploading the new ones! There's no photo editing program on this laptop either.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying summer.


Maris said...

I'm glad to see you back. I've enjoyed your photo blog and it inspired me to start my own 365 photo project. :)

Allison said...


i could blog about anxiety with you!

i too had a bit of a rough patch.