19 August 2008

Saturday, I am grateful...

In lieu of photograph, today I will be posting a link to a website I found on Saturday.

As I was surfing the internet with help of Firefox's StumbleUpon, I came across a wonderful non-profit organization called The Mother Bear Project.

The Mother Bear Project invites knitters and crocheters to create a teddy bear (you can buy the pattern off their website) for children from struggling nations who have HIV/AIDS. I was very touched by this idea - the comfort of a teddy bear for a child - and ordered the pattern right away. I will admit, my knitting skills are not that great but I'll make a trial run at it and see what happens.

Please, crafty friends, go to the website now!


clashfan77 said...

Thanks for this, I'm always looking for new charity knitting!


MeAgain said...

This is a awesome idea. Hope you don't mind but I've pilfered it.

Me said...

No problem! :)