13 August 2008

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for sharing a part of our friend's special day.

Our friends got married this past Saturday. They're somewhat newer friends of ours. It was a beautiful wedding reception, a "goth n' roll" wedding. We all had to wear black and/or red, the cake was coffin shaped, and there was spooky accessories and treats to be enjoyed by all. The stunning bride wore black lace and a corset, while the groom wore a bright red zoot suit. It was very cool! I actually forgot to bring my camera so I stole a pic from the bride's camera of the crowd (I'm sort of in the middle talking with the girl who has red in her bangs and I'll let you pick out who my significant other is. Hint: he's the one that sort of looks anti-social!).

I was really happy to be invited to their reception. They're good, genuine people and I wish them nothing but the best for their future!


Anonymous said...

Ah....I picked you BOTH out of the crowd! Fun wedding idea.


katt said...

How fun!