27 April 2008

Sunday, I am grateful...

...that my Toshio is happy and healthy once again! Look at that smile!

One of the reasons why I took a little bit of an extended break from blogging was because my precious Boo-Boo dog got in a fight and was injured. As you can tell by the first two photos, it was pretty bad (those were taken about four or five days after the attack). It was a really traumatic incident for both the dog and me (probably more so for me). During the first few days, he could not walk because his leg was swollen and infected. He had a fever. He wouldn't eat or drink water so I had to feed him by hand. It was also the weekend when my partner was out of town so it was extra rough on the two of us. Those first couple of nights, I pulled some all-nighters just to watch how he was doing. I waited until my partner got home so we could take him to the vet together. You see, he refused to walk down the stairs with me (we live in a second floor walk-up apartment). He is skittish around men so it wasn't possible for him to be carried down our steep stairs. He is afraid of cars because he was thrown out of one right before he came into our lives. He needed his daddy.

Luckily, I was surrounded by some good friends that weekend. They went the extra mile. My friend's mom spent all day on the phone, searching for a vet to do a house call (to no avail) but she got one to write a prescription for an anti-biotic. After we took him to the vet, we spent the next ten days or so flushing out his wounds with a solution via a catheter. He was a good little patient.

I'm very proud of my dog. He was very good with not nibbling at his boo boos. He sat reasonably still when we had to take care of his wounds and he loved taking his medication (covered in peanut butter). He was a little scared of the car ride to the vet's but he succeeded. And he was wonderful with the vet - it really surprised us!

So, as you can tell by the pic, he is happy and healthy. And his "mommy" is very, very grateful of that.


Brett said...

Glad to see you dog is well on the mend, i do not known what i would do if any thing happened to Kep.

Me said...

Brett ~
Honestly, seeing my dog get attacked was one of those worst-case scenarios that I always worried about before it happened. It was awful...He's my baby, after all, and I'm like some sort of crazy soccer mom when it comes to him!

I'm sure you would protect Kep from all harm!


Mr. Mantia said...

Wow, he really did get bit a ton.

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