05 April 2008

I'm Still Alive!

Hello all!

I will be cracking that whip and getting myself back into blogging my gratitude! I know I have been disappearing, on and off. The last few months have been a little difficult and I was actually enjoying "me" time, away from my "desk".

But, it's beginning to look like spring at last and I'm feeling better. My anxiety is low and I am trying to help myself, heal myself. I have a brand new metal bodied ukulele - so I'll be learning a new instrument. And my dog is feeling better too.

I intended on starting to blog again last weekend when I had the place to myself. Unfortunately, my dog ended up getting attacked by another dog and it was bad. He's doing better and is up to his old antics. It was a scary weekend though for all of us though.

Will be back soon! Don't you worry! :)


Girl-Woman said...

I just discovered your blog and love the name and the intent. Thankfully, there are people like you that are blogging about gratitude. I definitely will mention you on Friday on my blog.

Ronda said...

Sorry to hear about Toshio's misfortune - glad he is doing better! He's beautiful and I especially love the pictures of him in the snow!

Grateful Guy said...

How is your dog doing?

Me said...

Girl-Woman ~
I'm glad you like the blog! I know I have taken a little break but I hope to be back in the swing of things!

Ronda ~
Thank you! Toshio is doing much better. Since spring is here, there are no more snowballs to chase...but he's happy and healthy and that's what matters!

Grateful Guy ~
Oh, Toshio is doing much much better. It's all just scars now and fur that has yet to grow back. But as I mentioned to Ronda, he is happy and back to normal! :)


Mr. Mantia said...

I love spending long stints away from the internet, they are somehow refreshing even though the internet is full of fun stuff to see and do.