11 March 2008

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for making steps, for almost feeling perfect, for learning to breathe deep, and for understanding that I am not going under.


Solomon said...

Good to hear you're feeling better.

Brett said...

Love your blog, i'm just starting back at work after 6 months off with stress, i known how you feel, is so good to be getting back on track.

Grateful said...

Hi I am planning to make a gratitude journal list that i build gratitude mindset.AND i have seen your blog and it's great. could i copy your idea of gratitude photo blog.

rick said...

Amazing images. I really enjoy your photography and recently added your link to my new site, ILovePhotoBlogs.com. Keep up the great work and check out my site when you have a moment.

Me said...

Solomon ~
Thank you!

Brett ~
I'm glad you like it. It is good to get back on track, isn't it? Sometimes I think, these moments are here to teach us how to handle the next ones. You know, how to cope a little better...how to see things clearly. I wish you luck back at work!

Grateful ~
Oh, for sure! I'm certainly not the first person to do it...so pass on the gratitude and let us see some pics! :)

Rick ~
Thank you for posting my link! I linked your site on my blog as well!