06 March 2008

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for getting squeezed in at my doctor's today.

I post a photo of Toshio because he is ultimately the most therapeutic thing in my life. No matter how bad I feel, I can sit by his side and rub his belly and feel sane again.

I managed to get a last minute appointment with my doctor today. I don't want to go into any details because I don't need to air my dirty laundry on a gratitude blog. It's nothing overly serious - I'm simply uncomfortable and I don't know if it's something going on with my body or if it's caused by anxiety. Anyway, my tests from the week before came back fine so it bewildered my doctor. She asked me if I was tired and I got incredibly weepy, which embarrassed me since I don't really cry in public like that. She was very motherly in her tone of voice and sincerity - and I guess you can say that I am also grateful for that. So many doctors seem cold and treat you like a number.

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Chriz said...

now i miss my dog bubbly... 6 years have gone by and still bubbly is fresh in my memory.. he was a male spaniel dog.. very very notty indeed

Allie said...

I hope you are feeling better quite soon!

Me said...

Chriz - Aw, I did look in your blog and saw the pic of Bubbly! Very cute indeed. I'm sure you miss him very much. Spaniels seems to be a bit naughty..but fun dogs. My friend has a little black and white male Spaniel.

Allie - Thanks! Me too!