07 February 2008

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for sweet treats and sexy kitchen accessories!

I have the best ice cream scoop and pizza cutter in the world. Ice cream is great on its own but having an amazing ice cream scoop just makes it so much more pleasurable. Perhaps, I should get a life!

But seriously, it's the best ice cream scoop ever. It's heavy to hold, it feels great in your hand, and it looks hot. It's like a tool one would find in a tool kit (sorry, our keyboard is giving us issues and three letters aren't working properly, hence tool kit and not "bo_").

Simple pleasures are the best. And that does include late night coffee-flavored ice cream.

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Kim Thomas said...

So where can I get this ice scream scoop. I am not happy with mine.

If I can get one like yours, I promise to be grateful.

Me said...

Ooh! It's a Kitchen-Aid one so I'm sure you can get it at any store that sells kitchen accessories! Though, my mom told me she "thinks" that they are being discontinued (it just might be a good reason to shop though!). I remember seeing them at Wal-mart in Canada - they probably have them in the States too.

Oh, it's a sexy ice cream scoop. I have the same style of pizza cutter and wisk!

Solomon Broad said...

You can get coffee flavoured ice cream????

I think I just realised what it is I've been looking for all my life.