04 February 2008

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for trying new meals with what's left in our fridge!

On my days off, I try to cook homemade meals. When I say that, I'm talking about meals that I actually take the time to cook. Lately, I admit to not doing this and I think it's kind of bothering me. We wanted a simple meal that wasn't too filling. I googled up a recipe for green beans and came up with this concoction. Sweet and sour green beans, topped with bacon bits. I will say that nothing beats green beans that are from your own garden. Store bought beans, it just isn't the same (these were store bought). I was spoiled growing up, I think. We always had fresh veggies from the garden.

I still haven't perfected Pillsbury breadsticks though. No matter what, they end up looking phallic.

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