02 February 2008

Friday, I am grateful...

...for good music.

You know what I like? When I go to bed at night and my partner stays up late. I curl up in bed, with the dog at my bedside, and I listen to my partner play some blues guitar. It relaxes me and gives me a little piece of mind.

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Solomon Broad said...

That sounds fantastic. I prefer to play music during the day, so I can sing along, loudly and out of key. :D

Anonymous said...

Your blessings are more than what you realize.

Mr. Mantia said...

Listening to someone play guitar or piano is one of those rare treats in life. I miss listening to my brother compose songs on the piano or play songs on his guitar.How does your dog respond to music? It's funny how some dogs are unaffected by live music and others howl or get scared by it.

Me said...

Oh yes, we play music all the time here. I live in a very musical household. If only I had a bit of musical talent. Although, I do sing constantly to my dog. I'm not sure if he likes it or not, haha.

For a moment, I thought you were scolding me! This blog has really helped me see all those small blessings I have. Things don't bother me as much anymore because I know at the end of the day...just how much I have!

Mr. M~
Toshio doesn't mind music at all. He loves to nose Z's hand when he's playing. We always joke about how Toshio should play the piano, haha. The only time he is concerned is when Z plugs in to an amp and makes funny noises with his guitar and such. He'll just go up to the amp and tilt his head, looking all confused!


Anonymous said...

No it is far from scolding. It is just a reaffirmation of the daily blessings at hand.