10 January 2008

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for having a lovely holiday back home.

On the tenth day of my holidays, it was time to make my rounds and say bye for now. I admit, I was feeling a bit saddened. It's always hard to leave but I put on my best face in an attempt to not bring my family down. Of course, I had my annual breakdown in my old bedroom to compensate. It seems like there is never enough time to visit all my friends and family. Le sigh.

My sister came out to visit this day. We had lunch and annoyed one another, and probably my parents, for old time's sake. I went shopping for a humidifier with her. We took my mom to the drug store before heading to see my grandmother and uncles. I really hate saying bye to my grandmother. I know they all wish I lived closer.

In the evening, I went for some drinks with Courtenay, Tricia, and Angie. We were supposed to head out around seven but made it out past nine, in traditional late Angie style! We exchanged gifts, we laughed over nothing. Old times.

And then I went home and madly packed until two in the morning. I guess that's my traditional style, ha ha.

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