02 January 2008

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for kittens and Christmas trees.

On the third day of my Christmas holiday, I went over to visit my friend Michelle. She recently got two kittens to combat a mouse situation in her house. The kittens, unnamed at the moment, are adorable little hellions. There's a certain sense of wonder and joy about kittens, in my world. Maybe if I was a parent or loved children a bunch, I would feel the same around babies. I played with these little devils for a while, they attacked my feet, and I even carried one in my cardigan pocket for a while. Insert AWWW here. I'm such a girl.

I love my mom's Christmas tree. It always looks perfect in an imperfect kind of way. Her tree is an artificial model from the 60s and it still looks great. It makes me happy just to sit by it and a little sad that I no longer get to decorate the tree with her.

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1 comment:

Mr. Mantia said...

I like that tree. Christmas trees always make homes feel so cozy at night.