30 January 2008

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for chocolate-y snacks and taking the time to bake, for not letting food go to waste.

I had a few eggs that were coming close to expiring. So, I made two dozen chocolate muffins with them. Yes, that is a lot of muffins for two people! Luckily, my partner has a sweet tooth. And luckily, muffins are the perfect size to give away to my co-workers as well. I find a certain level of peace when I bake so it's like I'm passing it on.

I think when you go through a patch of stress, it is good to focus on and do what makes you happy and find that simple solution that may bring a calm to you. For me; it could be baking, taking a long hot bath, forgetting the dirty dishes and curling up with a book. I know it may not some like much but sometimes it is the little things that count.

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Marie said...

Yes, I need to take a long hot bath now but hot water pipes have just broken. Alas. But that's okay. I'm soothing by reading your writing.

Anyway, how's it going? I see we are much closer now as I'm staying Seattle for a while. I thought I could've met you once I got here, but it's still too far, I guess. Funny, isn't it?

Me said...

Yes, Seattle is a little far away...but a nice city nonetheless! I was there a handful of years ago - just for a day and a night. I liked it though. I remember having coffee on Broadway (I think!) on a warm Sunday morning outside in February!

Hope those pipes get fixed soon so you can have a hot bath!