22 January 2008

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for doing something I have never done before and for keeping busy.

Yesterday kept me on my toes. I was on the go from the moment I woke up (early, I might add). I wish I took the time to take a nap and/or a long, hot, bubble bath. The me-time I was looking for was a little hard to find! There were many little things to be grateful for yesterday; my dentist appointment was a success, I took a long walk, I finally got around to going grocery shopping, my grandmother is feeling much better, I finished reading a book, and I did something new.

I can't really tell many things about this something new other than it involves work and a mediator! Before this meeting took place, I was nervous and thought of ways to avoid having to do this. But I did it! It was completely nerve-wracking for the first five minutes but I relaxed and the words flowed a little more gracefully.

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Anonymous said...

cool pic, they look like they're dancing some of them.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering but hasn't it been 365 days and then some since you started this blog? I was under the impression it was going to be only that many, and I wondered if you were even going to get that many. Guess you did it. YAY!

Me said...


I'm actually at about post 350 so I'm almost there! I didn't start it on the first of the year so that explains why I'm a little off!