08 January 2008

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for yearly traditions. And most importantly, my mom.

On the ninth day of my Christmas holidays, we enjoyed the madness of Boxing Day by staying away from it. It was my mother's birthday and we had a very laid back day. No formal dinner, no more dessert or sweets - it was much needed, after the holidays. Though my mom can drive me a bit batty at times, I am grateful for her. She raised us well.

Before the birthday celebrations kicked in, Dineen and I hung out. We got coffee at Tim Hortons, where I ran into an acquaintance of mine. We drove around. We went to Canadian Tire. It doesn't sound exciting to read but it was fun. You know, the kind of normal fun you have with an old friend. You can do the most mundane task with this old friend but you find a way of making jokes the entire time. After that, we stopped by Tricia's house.

We used to have a loose tradition. We would go over to Tricia's house, late on Christmas Eve. She would turn on some Christmas music and make us her amazing Eggnog Paralyzers in a gigantic glass. We didn't do that last year and it felt odd. This year, we ended up on Boxing Day. I missed her and those terribly tasty Eggnog Paralyzers! And I missed this little yearly tradition of ours!

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