17 January 2008

Thursday, I am grateful...

...for supporting local talent, for getting to go home early from work, and for - sigh! - paydays!

I bought a CD from a local subway busker today. He is a man that I saw when I first moved to Montreal, so happily playing the accordion. This man has a smile from ear to ear when he is playing. It's the kind of smile that always makes me smile back. He would always play at a station that I am rarely at until recently. For the last two days, he has been at the station near my work. Not only does he smile while playing, he always seems to play "Happy birthday" which makes me smile even more. I bought his CD today (no, it does not have "Happy birthday" on it) and I'm impressed. It's very beautiful and very Asian influenced. I can't wait to surprise my partner when he comes home - this guy is one of his favorite buskers too! Oh, and he signed it with his autograph and the date - how cool is that!?

I left early from work today so that I could make it to the grocery store and buy myself some lunch supplies for the next few days. It's so hard to work a 50+ hour week. I should be tidying up and getting the house in order but I'm beat. Due to the long hours, I think my thyroid is wonky again so more blood tests are in store for me. That's another reason I've been a little lazy with this blog. Physically, I'm just not up to it and it seems that every day off is dedicated to something that is not just selfishly for me. Methinks, I need a "me-day"!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww.... poor Linda. :(

Take care of yourself eh. And I'm still enjoying your blog, even if you're not up to it these days.


Me said...

Will do, P!