06 January 2008

Sunday, I am grateful...

A pretty frosty design on my bedroom window.

The Christmas dinner table.

Playing Guitar Hero in the basement (and this is why I detest the color brown)

...for the quiet, frosty patterns on window glass and Christmas eve with my family.

On the seventh day of my Christmas holidays, it was spent at home with my family. It was Christmas eve and a lovely one at that. Our family is small and our dinners are always very relaxed and low-key. It is stress-free. We had a nice dinner, full of goodies like cabbage rolls and pierogies, cheesecake and shortbread cookies for dessert. Afterwards, we went to my grandmother's house for more coffee and more dessert. To end the evening, we all stayed up 'til three in the morning playing Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution on my sister's Playstation. It was my first time playing the game and I completely suck. To make myself feel better, I sang "Piano Man" but with a character that we made to look like my partner, big pomp and sideburns too - HAHAHA. As if he'd sing a Billy Joel song! Maybe it's only funny to me when it's three in the morning and I'm completely sleep deprived!

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Solomon Broad said...

That frost thing on your window is stunning!

Mr. Mantia said...

I've yet to play this guitar hero game. When i play Danzig after closing at work all the youngins know
the song "Mother" because of guitar hero & it makes me feel extremely old.