06 January 2008

Saturday, I am grateful...

Tiki by the fire.

Dineen and Parris.

My little tree, decorated with dog bones and fruit cups!

...for finally seeing some friends and being warm by the (fake) fireplace with my cat.

On the sixth day of my Christmas holidays, I finally saw some friends. However, before that, I spent some quality time with my cat by the (fake) fireplace. Usually, my cat is so fidgety and doesn't like her photo being taken. For some unknown reason, she posed like a little supermodel kitty for me. What a little beauty!

Later, I finally got to see some friends. My wonderful little friend Dineen dropped by with my Christmas gift - a real little tree, adorned with homemade ornaments of dog bones and fruit cups (which is totally an inside joke). We went to the mall so she could do some last minute shopping. Parris met us there and we ran into Rachel, who manages a store there. After the mall closed, we went for dinner with Rachel and her husband. We quickly ate and went back to the mall to see "Walk Hard" at the theatre with my sister (which was the first time we hung out since I got into town). The last time I went to see a movie in a theatre was when "Kill Bill" was playing - that's a long time! We ended the evening at a near by coffee shop, laughing it up. It was a lovely evening.

I'm grateful for still having that bond with old friends like Dineen and Parris and Rachel.

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