14 January 2008

Monday, I am grateful...

...for the kindness of strangers.

I had to go out to the mall today because my winter boots finally kicked the bucket. To be specific, they spontaneously combusted when I got home from work last night. I went last minute shopping for boots as today was my only day to do so (I have a 50+ hour week ahead of me at work!). As I arrived at the metro station to go to another mall, I heard a commotion. When I turned around, I saw a man on the subway track and heard the sound of the subway quickly approaching the station. Wow.

The station wasn't in a complete panic but a strange sense of fear was in the air. I felt it. People rushed to the SOS emergency phone, a woman started flagging a security person while another one was flagging the subway car to stop. I stood there in shock, which I'm not proud of (the man was on the other side of the platform). Thankfully, some kind man reached down and pulled the man to safety - right before the subway arrived in the station. I guess you can say I'm grateful for that stranger who helped and the stranger who is physically unharmed.

After the incident, a hurried man turned to me to ask me what happened. He seemed pissed off that the man fell, clearly delaying his metro journey to somewhere important. He called him a drunk and a "fucking asshole" and hurried off. The metro was delayed by five minutes - nothing major. Regardless if he was a drunk or not (I can say that the man who fell looked awfully pale and sickly - I've blacked out in public before while I was stone sober and I'm sure that I was no beauty queen at that moment), the man was physically unharmed and he should be grateful. If not for that but for the kind man who helped another stranger out, in what could have been a terrible, terrible accident.

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