07 January 2008

Monday, I am grateful...

"Play us a song, you're the Piano Man!"

Tiki opening her gifts.

...for having laughs and surprises.

On the eighth day of my Christmas holidays, it was Christmas Day. Once again, we didn't get up to much. It was another quiet day with my family. We had a nice breakfast. I curiously thumbed through my Christmas stocking to discover a bunch of little treats like pens and chocolates. My sister eventually arrived and we opened gifts. My father was very surprised at his gift from me - a year subscription to UFO Magazine, my sister loved her Andy Warhol banana split ice cream bowls, and my mom was impressed with her new point and shoot film camera (which was incredibly difficult to find, by the way). We went to my grandmother's house again, for more visiting. Another lovely, low-key kind of day.

By the way, that is a photo of my partner singing Piano Man on the Playstation...at the county fair, no less!

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