18 January 2008

Friday, I am grateful...

...for new boots.

As I mentioned a few days ago, my winter boots spontaneously combusted. I suppose I shouldn't complain, I've had them for about ten years now. They were just good boots with a good rubber sole that was amazing on ice - that's why I mourn them! So, I went out and bought new boots this week.

I like them but I'm not completely won over by them. The main thing is that they do the job. They still look somewhat stylish and they're practical, though I dislike the word "practical" because I relate it with "boring". Basically, they look alright and yet I can take my dog out for a long walk without twisting my ankle in the snow and on ice.

Before finding these boots, I had some ridiculous experiences in other stores. Sales associates that don't help, let alone smile to you, because you don't look cool enough. One girl asked what I was looking for and I mentioned it has to be black. She came out with a light grey camo print boot that was adorned with faux fur. Another girl asked me what kind of style I'm into, like, for example, the "old school grunge look". I didn't know whether to be insulted (did I look like a slacker bum that day?) or amused!

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Mahala said...

Those are uber cool boots.

Me said...

Thank you! They are actually awesome on the ice and snow!