04 January 2008

Friday, I am grateful...

...for spending quality time with my dad.

On the fifth day of my Christmas holidays, most of my plans fell through. I wasn't surprised either. Moving away from home constantly shows me that life goes on without me. Some friends do not feel as close and, quite frankly, some don't want to make the effort to see me even though I have traveled half the country to come home. I always mentally prepared myself for this but it always creeps up on me and it saddens me. Anyway, I had plans on a girly sleepover at my sister's with some socializing with friends beforehand but it did not work out because of bad timing (which is the story of my life, so it seems). One plan did not fall through and I am grateful for that!

I played television bingo with my dad. Oh, you may scoff at this notion but it's a lot of fun. And you can play in pajamas or a robe if you want to because you are at home! I've tried "real" bingo and found it too stressful. TV bingo is different. It's relaxing. I almost won too - I only needed one more number!

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Anonymous said...

I love bingo. We played with my family during Christmas. Not to sure how much R. loved it though!
We even had silly, stupid prizes.

Mr. Mantia said...

Yeah, it always saddens me when you realize that people who you were so close to at one point in your life are now just another face in the sea of people out there. However, the older I get the more I come to accept the constant change life is.