05 December 2007

Wednesday, I am grateful...

...for finally having a little time to take my boots to the show maker, or cobbler, if you will. As well as supporting the mom and pop shop when I'm surrounded by chain stores.

I may have posted this photo before but I honestly can't remember. That is not the boot that's in the shop at the moment and I have discarded that pair of chewed-on slippers. I just think it's kind of a cool photo.

My boots are in the emergency ward of the cobbler's. He's sewing up seams, he's gluing soles down, and he's replacing the end of the heals for the rockbottom price of $22. He's a cool old man, the kind of guy you wish could be your grandfather. Anyway, I'm very happy that I will have fixed boots - I pick them up this afternoon. I still need to buy myself a new pair of boots but for the time being it'll do the job. However, in the meantime, the only other pair of shoes that does not make me fall on my ass while walking on ice are my mary janes. And they haven't really done much of a job with street cleaning in my 'hood. Yeah. Cold wet feet aren't fun...but it hasn't happened yet.

I like supporting mom and pop types stores. They're a dying breed. Everything is so disposable nowadays that there is just not enough business for a small store to operate, especially if it involves a service. My dad worked in a mom and pop shop - fixing electronics. He retired at the perfect time - nobody fixes television sets or radios or stereos anymore. Nobody makes house calls to pick up or fix your television on the spot.

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