04 December 2007

Tuesday, I am grateful...

...for surviving the snowstorm yesterday and that my boots held up for one more day!

This photo is from earlier in the year - not yesterday. The snowfall was much worse and not as Christmas card-like as in this photograph. Wind...blowing snow...30 centimetres (that's a good 12 inches!) of the the white stuff and I dreaded the thought of going outside. However, it really wasn't that bad. Of course, walking was hell and everything was slow moving. My poor right boot has split a seam and I'm waiting to see a cobbler but not until the snow has cleared from the sidewalk completely. I completely thought my feets would be wet but no...my boots held up for one more day!

There's always a brief moment of wonderful and delightful silence around when it snows like this. Perhaps, that is what I should be grateful for? That pocket of silence and peacefulness. The streets are empty, there's nobody around because most of them called in sick for work or school. The snow removal machines have yet to come out. All it is is snowing. I love that moment.

Now if only I could be grateful for getting eight hours a sleep in a night...

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine snow...it's 73 degrees here today! It's 'winter' here and people are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Beautiful picture.
Glad to hear your boots held up for another day...that's definately something to be thankful for!

Me said...

I actually don't mind snow! I mean, come January and February - I'd rather not see snow. However, it's always pretty around Christmas time. We just got so much of it and no one really is cleaning the sidewalks or streets in my neighbourhood, so it's hard to walk without getting pant legs wet!


Mr. Mantia said...

" 30 centimetres (that's a good 12 inches!"
Why doesnt America convert to the metric system. It still drives me nuts how ass backwards our system of measurement works. I wish it snowed where I live, it looks so pretty.