10 December 2007

Sunday, I am grateful...

...for getting a haircut - from a new stylist!

I've always been scared to check out new hairstylists. Until I was about 19 or 20, the only person that had ever touched my hair had been my mother as she did occasionally did hair in our home. The second stylist that had ever touched my hair was Victoria - it was a perfect match of personalities, thanks to the amazing receptionist who did her job perfectly of matching clientele to stylist. Since then, only a handful of people have gone and cut my hair - mainly co-workers or people I knew through other jobs. The majority of the haircuts were great, no problems at all. But when they were not so great, it was always the bangs that they screwed up.

I saw my first real stylist on Sunday afternoon. And when I say real, it means it isn't my partner standing over me while holding scissors in his hand and dangerously close to my head - ha ha. Anyway, the stylist is an acquaintance of mine and has bangs herself so I figured she'll know what she is doing. And she did. I have straight bangs - my partner had a bad time at our last cut, err! Plus, I got an amazing head massage - definitely worth it.

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