15 December 2007

Saturday, I am grateful...

...for winning $50 at my work's Christmas party. It may not be much but it's something! Good thing I played office bingo - in French, at that, (I'm okay up to the 60s and 70s) while drinking some rummy punch. Woohoo!

You may not hear from me in a while. I am scheduled to go home for the holidays tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, there is a major snowstorm headed our way. People won't shut up about it, to be honest with you. Anyway, I'm fairly certain my flight will be canceled and I'll be spending some time by my lonesome at the airport. Sigh! I really hope not because that would really be a disappointment.

Anyway, if you don't hear from me - it's because I'm back home and enjoying time with my family and friends. I don't have daily access to the internet as my folks aren't that "web savvy".

I wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season. I'll be back on the 28th - unless my flight is canceled and I'm hanging out at home until I can fly out!

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