17 December 2007

Monday, I am grateful...

...for having an extra day in Montreal to sleep in with my partner and the dog, to tidy up the house before I leave tomorrow, and to get a few extra goodies for my family back home.

It's been a good day. I went out to a couple of shops in Old Montreal. Walking through the snow gave my legs a workout, that's for sure. My dog is happy - this morning, he dove into a snowbank and you could only see his ears. He dug furiously until he found a buried pair of track shorts and took them home with him. We've been eating chocolate mudslide cookies and drinking hot tea, my partner and me. I've been packed up and ready to go for a few days now. I feel relatively stress-free. I'll even have an acquaintance on my flight tomorrow - so maybe I'll have pleasant conversation instead of the forced ones that usually happen on board.

I hate leaving though. I know it makes Toshio sad and I know my partner gets a little bored when I'm gone for a week or two. It's a no-win situation - Toshio and partner get sad when I go and my family gets sad when I come back to Montreal. If only I didn't have a guilty conscience!

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